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"All my art is influenced by others. Ed Templeton, Gonz, Basquiat, Warhol and so many more. Skateboarding itself has also influenced my art, trying to keep up to date and fresh. Now if you ask me why cigarettes, i don’t have a reason but I like to draw them."

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LeBicar is a Montreal visual artist strongly influenced by the culture of skateboarding and music.Despite the use of different media (canvas, wood, metal, objects, etc.) and the variety of projects, we recognize each work of artist by his single pencil stroke. His visual signature stands out, among others, the use of black and white, which for him, expresses the duality, contrast, differences, which always and still inspires.

Lucas Beaufort
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Born in Cannes in 1981, Lucas Beaufort is a French visionary artist-painter living in a world surrounded by imaginary characters, kind but mischievous monsters, who help him build a positive image on the world and guide his choices every day.



It’s all about funk, style and monsters for Astro – graffiti artist from Montreal. Having started painting in the mid 90’s, he developed a highly distinctive style and created a world of its own, filled with funky letters and weird creatures. His inspirations are from old school New-York graffiti to European and Japanese comics. Always searching for the perfect simple and bold outline for more visual impact, his productions must always be fresh and fun, with a vicious touch.

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